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Legal Search Management

Performing legal searches is part of daily practise life, be it conveyancing, probate, company information or trademarks most activities are still performed manually updating case management systems and disbursement ledgers. This can take time and effort and can also lead to errors with potential impacts on billing, potential complaints through the SRA and in the worse case GDPR fines.


In a world where speed of service and delivery is increasing pressures on price and choice ensuring speed accuracy and security of information becomes even more important to reputation, customer satisfaction, billing accuracy and securing repeat business and the bottom line.

The Experience of Legal Searches


Legal searches of public databases is part of most case management activities be the issues

  • personal,

  • commercial or

  • international


In reality, the manual gathering and preparation of information from public sources can be

  • time consuming,

  • prone to human error,

  • increasingly difficult to charge and

  • potentially open to security failures and risks of fines.


Client expectations of engagement with Law Firms are driven by their daily lives Information at the clients fingertips on their smart devices.  As in the clients professional and personal life the use of smart robotics is increasing so why shouldn't case management legal searches be done by with digital workers which can produce the information

  • quicker,

  • more accuracy

  • more securely

  • at lower cost

What this means to your business


In our experience, if businesses don’t address these challenges regularly and meticulously, they will compound to serious and expensive-to-fix business problems that hinder business performance, or even allow rivals to steal a march on them. A business will suffer​​

  • Lack of fidelity of information

  • Bottlenecks and delays at busy times

  • Quality suffers

  • Poor customer experience

  • Inconsistent customer service

  • Challenges on billing

  • Problems with refunds

  • Lack of customer loyalty and low customer retention

  • Pressure on margins

It doesn't have to be this way

By addressing legal searches the whole business will benefit. Start by measuring, tracking and improving KPIs in the following areas.


  • Speed of matter fulfilment

  • Processing billing accuracy

  • Adherence to regulatory compliance

  • Security, quality and consistency 

  • increase in billable revenue and margin

Client Satisfaction

  • Lack of query per bill

  • increase payment 

  • increase satisfaction

  • increase repeat business 


  • 24/7 processing

  • Maximum processing capacity

Streamlining process and information digital workers can process searches for multiple sources for information and have that information returned into your legal systems securely, accurately and quickly ensuring that the information is available and associated charges and disbursements can be processed accurately.

Automating and enhancing communications: Search information can be shared both internally and with clients smart rules to ensure the right information reaches the right customer at the right time through the right channel securely.

Digital Workers can enforce regulatory compliance and requirement of the SRA and GDPR reducing and exposure to claims and fines.

Digital Workers can securely Integrate with other enabling technologies and manage the data ecosystem between internal systems and external systems securely reducing the risk of data hacking, data leakage, compliance failure or GDPR failure while the data is in transit or sitting within a system.


Two approaches to improving legal search management


We advocate two different routes to improvement.


1. Continuous improvement, approach.

Review and improve each element of the process. The approach starts by auditing the process,  formats and variables used in the business. This creates a map of your business processes, the variables, communication flow, validation and error checking. Using tools like kaizen events and methodologies like Lean and Six Sigma opportunities for improvements in the processes can then be identified.


As part of the process ensuring that the right incentives for staff to carry out repetitive low skilled tasks at volume and to the standard you require are in place and can be measured accurately to reduce risk and  the acceptable cost and what are the attrition rates and associated costs?


The benefits of a step-wise approach is that you can implement improvements at a pace that suits your business.


2. The digitalisation approach.

This means automating the repetitive elements, which free up your staff to concentrate on the value-added human work. This approach is also referred to as robotic process automation (RPA), robotic desktop automation (RDA) and can combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).


Automation works to smart rules. There is no coding, no laborious process mapping, but it nevertheless ensures that the right information is used at the right time, and minimises errors.


Software robots (softbots) can scan index, manage and pull data from various channels and communicate and update customers in real time.


The benefits of this approach is that is can be deployed in days not weeks, and achieve an ROI in months. Any tweaks and fixes can be made in hours, not days.

Decide Your Best Approach

The SoftBot No-Code RPA Platform

SoftBot's no-code Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform lowers economic barriers to entry, enabling small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) to access a low-cost Digital Workforce that scales with your business needs; ensuring that you achieve an ROI within months, not years. Available as standard for deployment on-premise or in the cloud.

The SoftBot platform enables quick, agile implementations through rapid iteration of a production system. That means it will be deployed in days, not weeks. There is no need to write code to tell the Digital Worker what to do; and if an omission needs to be fixed or an improvement made, it only takes hours not days.

SoftBot's no-code Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform will orchestrate the tasks to be executed within the business across the available workforce. This orchestration also manages escalations and exceptions. The typical benefits of this are:

  • Speeding up of individual task performance

  • Greater transaction throughput

  • Improved quality of results

  • Real-time monitoring of performance

  • Measured and controlled business processes (CMMI Level 4)

  • Data collection for business process improvement, providing the foundation for CMMI Level 5 - Optimising.

The combination of orchestration and automation has the possibility of delivering a whole that truly is greater than the sum of the parts.

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