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Legal Practise Digitalisation and Automation

Regardless of the channel they use, your customers expect their interactions with your business to be emotionally satisfying, effective and easy. Empowering your employees with reliable tools will give them back time, unleash their creativity and allow them to focus on the customers needs. Good news for all the stakeholders in your business.

Introducing Dan, a Digital Worker for the Customer Contact Centre

Dan will work alongside your customer contact centre employees, automatically completing tasks and repetitive business activities on their behalf. This means your employees get back time to focus on the human-to-human interactions and those complex problems that they are best placed to handle. This both improves customer satisfaction with the service being provided and drives higher employee engagement within your business. The result? Lower customer attrition, lower employee attrition, savings in training and recruitment costs. All of which delivers greater value to your business.

Key ​Functionality

The SoftBot ​no-code robotic process automation platform lowers economic barriers to entry, enabling small and medium sizes businesses (SMB) to access a low cost Digital Workforce that scales with your business needs. Available as standard for deployment on premise or in the cloud.

The SoftBot Digital Worker is able to operate attended or unattended, performing tasks across the business. They're able to interact with existing systems within the business using standard application programmatic interfaces (API) or the user interface (UI) used by the other employees. A SoftBot Digital Worker can handle structured data and follow rules-based processes with ease. When teamed up with AI technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), they're able to handle unstructured data and undertake tasks that require more cognitive decision making.

The SoftBot platform enables quick, agile implementations through rapid iteration of a production system. That means it will be deployed in days, not weeks. There is no need to write code to tell the Digital Worker what to do; and if an omission needs to be fixed or an improvement made, it only takes hours not days.

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