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For many people, the world of work contains periods of time when they are performing tasks that are repetitive in nature, are principally rules based and in which there is no scope to exercise their judgement or creativity. This work needs to be done. However, for those individuals performing these tasks it is probably the least engaging part of their job.

SoftBot was founded with the objective of freeing these people from these tasks. It is the people in your business that are the creative force behind what you do. They are the reason your customers love what you do. Dare yourself to imagine the heights to which your business could soar if your people had the time to release their creativity.


Our vision is to enable a world of work in which people are adding value and software robots (softbots) are performing tasks on behalf of those people. We think of these softbots as being the employees' digital co-workers.


We are convinced that would be a world in which work would be fulfilling for the individual employee and enriching for all the stakeholders in the business. It would be a world of productivity improvements, business growth, wage growth and job creation.


Our aim is to bring to the market, solutions that enable medium-sized businesses to release the creativity within their workforce.


Our first solution is intended to be a no-code process automation platform. This will support robotic process automation (RPA) and robotic desktop automation (RDA); which enables quick, agile implementations through rapid iteration of a production system.


Mike Beason is a professional and pragmatic client-facing executive and leader with over 35 years of experience building and running software service companies from enterprise to startups. With a proven track record in establishing and implementing vision, strategy and service excellence, Mike has run a number of early-stage companies bringing new product to markets globally and establishing products and services across industry sectors for the mid-market.

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