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Robotic Business Process Automation

The SME solution to digitalisation and business process automation. 

Order Management

Your teams handling order entry and fulfilment are right at the heart of a key journey for your customers. It is critical that they are handled effectively, and for your customers, effortlessly.

Accounts Payable

Most businesses still have a significant amount of manual activity in the processing of their invoices. Approval routing, data entry and invoice matching being just a few of the challenges.

Customer Contact Centre

Regardless of the channel they use, your customers expect their interactions with your business to be emotionally satisfying, effective and easy.

Claims Process Handling

Claim handling is at the heart of the customer experience, the opportunity business have to keep and expand their relationship with that customer or loose them.

Employee Engagement

Employees that are positively engaged with their work deliver better outcomes for your business and your customers.


Regardless of how often your business is on-boarding new suppliers, automation can significantly reduce the manual effort so your team can focus on what is really important to your business. 

Customer Enrolement

Dreaming of your customer enrolment process being a single click? Or is the rality multiple steps to complete and systems to update? RPA can perform many of those tasks on your behalf, meaning you can focus on your customers success.

Employee Joiners, Movers & Leavers

Give yourself the time needed to ensure that all phases of the employees time with the business is as positive as it can be. RPA can significantly reduce the manual effort so you can focus on the employee. 

Legal Searches and Information Management

Increase productivity, reduce billing queries and increase cash flow by automating Legal Practise process such as Legal searched and electronic document filing and focus on Judications

And more to come ...

We will be adding descriptions of more solutions for your business. In the meantime, get in touch.

Business Specific Robotic Processes



“The speed with which No Code software allowed us to create new releases meant we could fix omissions and make improvements 4 or 5 times in a day”

Alex Banfield
Programme Manager


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